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The Pool Cleaner

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Image of The Pool Cleaner

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 I got out of bed in search of a rising sun. Drivin by my obsession to share a golden moment of the world around me with my audience on YouTube I ran down to Bronte Beach, set up my drone, Drake, and took flight in an attempt to capture something beautiful. On this day, the pool was empty, there was fencing sectioning it off to the public as the local council wanted to upgrade the stairs leading down to it and give it a little clean. The Pool Cleaner, hidden amongst the dregs of the ocean, captured in the top right corner of the photo, a simple division between what was there yesterday & what might possibly be gone today. Capture every day as if it's your last. Live passionately. It starts now.

Limited edition A1 size Jake Rich print "The Pool Cleaner" on matte print paper with a cello-glaze finish. Only 100 beautiful prints were made. Each print will be signed and stamped by Jake Rich. The prints may take up to 4 weeks to arrive but know that when they land you'll have a very loveable piece of art to brighten up your soul. This is a little piece of adventure waiting to be part of your life x