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Lady Louise

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Image of Lady Louise

"Lady Louise" on matte print paper with a cello-glaze finish. 50 beautiful prints available in A1 & A3. Each print will be signed and stamped by Jake Rich. The prints may take up to 4 weeks to arrive. PRE ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE

We were racing the clock to get back to Calgary in time to catch an international flight home. It'd been 9 days of intense non-stop powder. The end of the season. A long one at that. I didn't want the others to know what I was up to and besides lunch seemed like the more logical option. I found this. A risk made apparent after Lady Louise was captured. Drake was the vessel, I merely the driver.

Each time I set eyes on this image It reminds me of the beautiful contrast between light & dark. I see fear in the eyes of the woods, the trees creating teeth-like structures with each shadow, intensified by the season, cold and dark. I justify that thought of fear created by the woods with the fortune of an open lake, an opportunity or something that brings each of us peace and harmony. You see without each component we are merely drifting. Instill fear in us and we are challenged. Life truly begins at the edge of our comfort zone. If we seek the open lake, the opportunity, if we travel with our minds open, our point of comfort will always be challenged, fear behind us and opportunity in front of us. Take a look at each of the footsteps carving their own opportunities across the open lake. Could this be you? Grab it with both hands #startsnow